Keep pondering the Ship of Theseus and identity – what can it teach us about ourselves and how can it influence your life for good? Were there any questions or arguments you didn’t get to share in class?

And way to go, guys! You were able to successfully transfer chemical energy into electrical energy – from pennies to potatoes, you were able to channel voltage from simple, everyday things. That’s pretty much a superpower!

Even though we weren’t successful in class at powering the remote to turn on the fan, try it yourself at home. Be creative, you may have an LED that requires less voltage and can power something else. Researchers are seriously investigating sustainable energy in things like fruits and veggies!



Keep up your personal study of scriptures and math! Try to relate the things you are learning to the goal of this classfinding answers to our questions and becoming better thinkers!




(But check back next week for the Winterim reading)



It’s our class Science Fair this week AND the last day of the semester!!

Finish your project and create a display board that explains what you did, shows your data, and presents your conclusions. (**Refer to the packet in your binder for more details!**)

Be ready to present your results. Practice answering questions and talking about your science fair project so that you are ready to discuss it with others in class.

Hopefully by now you have a better understanding of the Scientific Method and critical thinking as you prepare to share your Science Fair project with the class. Here are some wise words and helpful tips from Mark Rober to help motivate you to finish strong!



Choose at least 2 more options this semester from the list:

Electives Resource List OR use the link in the upper right corner of this website.

If you finished your 2 choices for this semester, be thinking about which options you’d like to do for NEXT semester (or use Winterim to get ahead!)


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