Dig deeper about what fascinates you, then write these down in your notebook during the week so you can be ready to share your curiosity and excitement in class! Remember to include it on your HW Checklist.



Make your personal study of your Core Book (scripture) & Math a priority at home – there is a lot of truth to be found in scripture, and math is based on logic!

Work with a parent on a weekly agreement of what personal study looks like for you each week. Share what you’re learning on your Homework Checklist.


  • Electives – now that we’ve finished the required book this semester (Carry On, Mr. Bowditch), you get to pick at least 2 more options that interest you. See #5 below: Elective Resource List.
  • Science: “Mixtures and Compounds”
    • In class, we will focus on Mixtures, Compounds, and Chemical Reactions
      • If you have the Usborne Encyclopedia of Science, the “Mixtures and Compounds” section is pgs 58-103
    • Pick at least 2 videos to watch on any of the topics from this section of pages on the Usborne Quicklinks site: Science
  • Philosophy for Kids: Questions #15 and #16 (pgs 51-54) – be ready to discuss these in class, so bring your book or write down your thoughts and favorite parts in your notebook!



Science Project ideas will be due Oct. 6

Project Proposal Worksheets will be handed out in class this week.



In addition to required reading, students will get to choose at least 2 additional options each semester from a list of inspiring books, movies, etc. This list is continuously being added to and updated – please share your recommendations! Make sure you review each suggestion with your parents to make sure it is appropriate for you.

To view the Electives Resource List, click here OR use the tab in the upper right corner of this website.


**BONUS: Presentations!**

Presentations will be Oct 13th & Oct 20th – more info will be given in class this week. If you already received the Presentation Worksheet, start filling that out to help you prepare.

Choose a topic or person from this list & SIGN UP to claim your spot:

Presentation Sign Up

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