We love hearing the fascinating things you are curious about and are willing to share each week! Keep it up & pick something to include on your HW Checklist.

Also, remember to think about these questions:

  • What is the difference between knowledge and opinion? Knowledge and belief?
  • Knowledge challenge:
    • In your notebooks right down a statement that you think is an opinion.
    • Then write down a statement that you think is a belief.



How is your personal study going? Do you have a regular routine? Have you set a goal to finish a specific section? Or do you change it up a little each week?

Share something you’ve learned in both your Core Book and Math on your Homework Checklist!


  • Electives – we’ve finished the required book this semester (Carry On, Mr. Bowditch), now you get to pick at least 2 more options that interest you. See #5 below: Elective Resource List.
  • Science: “Energy, Forces and Motion”
    • Usborne Encyclopedia of Science, pgs 106-151
      • This week we will focus on Energy, Heat, and Forces
      • Pick at least 2 videos to watch on any of the topics from this section of pages on the Usborne Quicklinks site: Science
  • Philosophy for Kids: Questions #17 and #18 (pgs 55-60)
    • Bring your book or write down your thoughts and favorite parts in your notebook.
    • Be ready to discuss these in class!



Science Project ideas are due this week – Oct. 6th.

Fill out the following worksheets and bring them to class:



Choose at least 2 options this semester from the list of inspiring books, movies, etc. 

This list is continuously being added to and updated – please share your recommendations! Make sure you review each suggestion with your parents to make sure it is appropriate for you.

To view the Electives Resource List, click here OR use the tab in the upper right corner of this website.


**BONUS: Presentations!**

Presentations begin Oct 13th!

Remember to fill out the Presentation Worksheet to help you prepare.

Make sure you’ve claimed your spot on the SIGN UP spreadsheet below:

Presentation Sign Up


And remember, stay safe out there and watch out for dihydrogen monoxide!

If you’ve made it this far, you deserve a Mark Rober video break 🙂

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