You’re doing an awesome job of sharing these each week! Remember to pick something to put down on your HW Checklist. (Yep, that checklist. The one you really want to turn in every week!)

  • This week’s philosophy challenge, write down in your notebook:
    • One way you can express feelings or emotion more accurately than just using language or words.
    • How can understanding the idea that we can lie to ourselves help you make better decisions or lead a happier life?
  • And just in case you want them, here’s a link for the Logic Puzzles & Answers we did in class.



How is your personal study going? Do you have a regular routine? Have you set a goal to finish a specific section? Or do you change it up a little each week?

Share with us (on that handy HW checklist!) some of the concepts or topics you are learning during this study time on your own! How might they relate to what you learn in this class?


  • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch – we hope you’ve finished this required book for the 1st semester AND that it stays with you – the lessons you learned, the example of Nat, whatever this book taught you – hopefully you’ll make a lot of connections between it and the many things you continue to learn elsewhere! Now, pick at least 2 more options that interest you. See #5 below: Elective Resource List.
  • Science: “Energy, Forces and Motion”
    • Usborne Encyclopedia of Science, pgs 106-151
      • This week we will focus on Simple Machines, Work & Power
      • Watch at least 2 videos on any of the topics from this section of pages
  • Philosophy for Kids: Questions #19 and #20 (pgs 61-64)
    • Write down your thoughts and favorite parts in your notebook.
    • Be ready to discuss these in class!



Science Project ideas were due LAST week – Oct. 6th.

If you haven’t yet, fill out BOTH of the following worksheets and bring them to class (if you don’t want us to hunt you down, and your parents) 🙂



Click here for the Electives Resource List OR use the link in the upper right corner of this website.

Choose at least 2 more options this semester from the list. 

This list is continuously being added to and updated – please share your recommendations! Make sure you review each suggestion with your parents to make sure it is appropriate for you.


**BONUS: Presentations!**

Presentations begin THIS week: Oct 13th!

Make sure you’ve claimed your topic: Presentation SIGN UP

Remember to fill out the Presentation Worksheet to help you prepare.

You each will have 5 minutes to help us learn why your topic made important contributions to the world and to share your favorite fun facts! How interactive can you make your presentation? What supplies do you need from us – whiteboard, outside space, tv, etc.? Please let us know!

EVERYONE should prepare to be ready to present this week, but these brave souls have volunteered to go first (thank you very much!!)

  • Owen
  • Brady
  • Sonora
  • Shandiin
  • Braxton
  • Kawai
  • Ivan
  • Cameron

No pressure, but maybe check out this kid’s presentation (aka YouTube video) on the fascinating tale of phlogiston that we mentioned in class – when science got it exactly wrong before they got it right.


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