In class we explored the concept of buoyancy – the upward force in liquids & gas (air). See if you can figure out these Buoyancy Brainteasers and write your answers in your notebook:

  • Imagine you are in a small boat in a swimming pool. Also in the boat is a rock. You pick up the rock and toss it into the pool. The rock sinks to the bottom. No water leaves the pool from the splash made by the rock.
  • You’re sitting in a car that’s not moving. Also in the car is a helium-filled balloon, which is resting up against the car’s ceiling somewhere near its middle. The driver hits the gas and the car accelerates forward. You’re thrown back into your seat.

History of Greek Philosophy Timeline

Here is the bird’s eye view that we discussed in class. It’s helpful to know where these ideas came from as we go forward in our “conversation” of philosophical questions and the pursuit of critical thinking skills!

Check out these 2 bonus Philosophy articles:



Share with us (on that handy HW checklist!) some of the concepts or topics you are learning during this study time of your scriptures and math! Think about how might they relate to what you learn in this class.


  • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch – we hope you’ve finished this required book for the 1st semester AND that it stays with you – hopefully you’ll make a lot of connections between it and the many things you continue to learn elsewhere! Now, pick at least 2 more options that interest you. See #5 below: Elective Resource List.
  • None for Science this week!
    • But if you want to read ahead, next up is: “Light, Sound & Electricity” (202-247)
  • Philosophy for Kids: Questions #23 and #24 (pgs 71-74)
    • Write down your thoughts and favorite parts in your notebook.



If you haven’t yet, fill out BOTH of the following worksheets and TURN THEM IN 🙂

Work on your project this month! Go shopping for project supplies, if you haven’t done this yet. Test things out while you still have some time to figure out mistakes. Remember to take measurements and RECORD them. Write stuff down and take a lot of pictures!



Choose at least 2 more options this semester from the list:

Electives Resource List OR use the link in the upper right corner of this website.


**BONUS: Field Trip Info!**

This Thursday (10/27) is our FIELD TRIP to the UVU Roots of Knowledge exhibit!

  • We’ll leave very soon after Block 1 classes begin at 10:15, so PLEASE be on time so you don’t get left behind. We will return to ASA for Lunch at 12:15.
  • The temperature is dropping this week, so remember to dress comfortably as we will be spending some time outside.

WATCH this 3-minute video about the exhibit: UVU Roots of Knowledge

EXPLORE the exhibit using UVU’s Virtual Tour & see if you can find YOUR presentation topic/person!


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